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Medical Laser DAHUA

As an independent development of medical holmium laser, dahua holmium laser in addition to product design fully reflects the domestic doctors use convenience and reliability, Compared with similar imported equipment in price also has a big advantage. Dahua laser to popularize holmium laser treatment technology in China as own duty, to the best of the company to serve the society.


In addition, the "dual-core" of dahua holmium laser design to ensure the equipment maintenance and maintenance cycle than other similar products, the corresponding maintenance cost greatly reduced. As a result, greatly saves the investment cost of the hospital.


Provide clinicians with promote the clinical application of holmium laser special training, learning and study. Through a variety of ways to promote the clinical doctor's experience exchange.


Pragmatic professional technical support, regular inspection maintenance, 24 hours of the maintenance present, cheap cost, for hospital to thoroughly remove trouble back at home.